What’s Scarier than Ghosts & Goblins? How about Type 2 Diabetes! continued

What is diabetes?

Much of the food that you eat is turned into glucose for your body to use as energy. After a meal, your pancreas produces the hormone insulin which helps the glucose, or sugar, move from your bloodstream into the cells in your body where it can be used for energy. [Read more...]

4 Signs that your Workout is not Working Anymore!

When starting off your strength or weight loss workout was exciting and you were full of energy. Even though you dreaded it, you always felt great right after. But then, as time went on, you felt to sleep in and tried to find other things to do. So, is this how you felt or feel? Do you think your workout isn’t working anymore? Well here are four signs that it is not working for you anymore, followed by ways to change your workout from boring to exciting and challenging once again. [Read more...]

Time to Lose the Muffin Top!

Over the course of the last ten years, I have slowly been introduced to what I can only call “modern day anatomy” for women. It’s sad, yet comical, that I know exactly what part of the body women are talking about when I hear the following terms: [Read more...]

What’s Scarier than Ghosts & Goblins?

pumpkin1How about Type 2 Diabetes!
It’s Halloween, and you know what that means: sugar, sugar, sugar! Beginning in late summer, stores begin taunting and tantalizing us with prominently displayed festive treats conveniently packaged in small, easy to eat servings. By the time the actual holiday rolls around, we’ve been wading through candy corn and “fun sized” candy bars for months. [Read more...]


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