Darius Hawkins

Darius Hawkins

Coach Darius


Ace Certified Personal Trainer

American Heart Association Certified CPR

About Coach

I started focusing on fitness and health, due to my parents being well passed their fifties in my youth. It was this realization for me that lead me into personal training. How important movement is in one’s life! Everyone has different ailments, ages, body types, fitness goals, and backgrounds. Yet, the prolonging of one’s life is as simple as JUST MOVE. I knew this was the lifestyle that I wanted to help people along their journeys to prolong life, meet fitness goals, and have fun while doing it! Besides Health is Wealth right?! I played basketball and football growing up.

Turning Point

The global pandemic Covid 2020 was the rebirth of my focus. I realized that personal training was my long term career. I quit my “normal” job of a nine to five, and decided to train full time. Consistency is such a vital part in personal training including in one’s life! I have to show up dedicated to put in the work day in and day out no matter the circumstances! My clients have to make that choice for themselves to do the same! Once the choice is made then equal participation gets the results!

Motivation & Passion

My purpose in training is to get people to understand the importance of movement. And this is a life long journey. Im passionate to serve everyone from the youthful child to the athlete to mature adult all inclusive.

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