Hunter Cannon

Hunter Cannon

Personal Trainer

Squat 330

Bench 265

Deadlift 430

body weight 175 lbs



Sports Strength and Conditioning Experience

Functional Training, Strength Training

About Coach

A lifelong athlete who fell in love with competing and pushing himself at a young age. From training to become a better athlete, to now training because it’s a part of my lifestyle and my passion. I value the discipline it takes to stay consistent with anything productive and rewarding like life a healthy lifestyle is. 4 years as a letterman in baseball and golf in high school, years of coaching and training youth and high school baseball players, and now working to impact the lives of everyday adults like myself. My goal is to help instill the discipline that it takes to make a healthy and positive lifestyle change. I intend to build a healthy and positive relationship with each and every one of my clients and the gym members and I look forward to witnessing countless people change their lives for the better

Turning Point

My turning point in life was when I was stuck working a job I didn’t enjoy and felt like I didn’t have much direction in life. Working out had always been my passion and starting to become my escape and the one thing that allowed me to not think and stress but just live in the moment. I decided to move to Cleveland to grow as a person, get out of my comfort zone, and hopefully build a name for myself as a great trainer and coach

Motivation & Passion

My motivation is to help guide people along their journey to making a positive lifestyle change. Whether you have crazy big goals or small, short-term goals, I am motivated to be a positive resource that will help guide you in the direction of accomplishing that goal. Consistency, discipline, simply just showing up for yourself day in and day out, and not getting discouraged when things aren’t going your way. I hope to serve as a positive mentor for each one of you along this fulfilling journey

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