Marty Velasco

Marty Velasco


3rd degree Black Belt In Tae Kwon Do with 25 years of teaching experience and proven results in the fitness industry.


Founded Fitness Edge in 1998. He is a ACE certified personal trainer and specializes in weight loss and body transformation programs.

About Coach

I've led a pretty active life as a competitive swimmer and martial artist. As a formerly heavy child, I know all too well the struggles, trials, and tribulations that come with being overweight. After earning my black belt at 17, I became interested in instructing and this is when I discovered my passion for working with others and learning about the psychology of teaching both adults and children. When I founded Fitness Edge, I began the company with the vision of wanting to help people feel good about themselves and inspire people to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. By providing the necessary guidance, education, and motivation that our clients need to experience SUCCESS, we have been able to help thousands of people lose anywhere from 20 to over 100lbs, and keep it off!

Turning Point

Even though I've always been active, the struggle to stay in shape is very real for me. If I slack even in the slightest with my diet, the pounds easily and quickly come back on. It can be very challenging some days to get my workouts in, but as everyone knows..." you never regret having done your workout, once it's over with!" My personal struggle with weight loss definitely helps me relate with clients who are also in the same boat, and being a good role model to my clients is the best motivation for me to lead by example and get my workouts in!

Motivation & Passion

As a personal trainer, coach, and mentor, I've found that working and empowering people to become their best selves fulfills me and gives me purpose in life. I will never get tired of hearing people say "You changed my life", and that is why I am so passionate about helping people in their fitness journey!

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