Sean Palacios

Sean Palacios


Squat: 405lbs
Bench: 335lbs
Clean & Jerk: 245lbs
Deadlift: 495lbs


Exercise Science Degree
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Nutrition Coach

About Coach

Grew up in Avon Lake OH. Been in sports since I was very young playing football, rugby, and wrestling. Love to work out and any self-develop activities. Been in the gym since I was 14 and have always had a passion for helping people reach their goals and overcoming life's challenges!

Turning Point

The turning point in my life came in 2020 when I was living in San Diego, California playing college football at Grossmont College looking to transfer to SDSU that upcoming fall... Little did I know all the work I had been putting in to achieve that goal wouldn't matter after COVID-19 hit and would shut down the whole world. I was devastated and so lost after this. I remember feeling like a failure and not knowing what to do with my life at that point. It felt like everything I had been working for and the life I envisioned for myself was lost. I was left with the choice to be a failure and give up on everything or to sit back and try to learn from the experience and pivot to another path in life. I chose the latter and ended up learning and growing so much which eventually would lead me to finding my new passion shortly after! I moved back to OH and became a personal trainer and started helping clients change their health, fitness, and ultimately their lives! This fulfilled me more than anything I have ever experienced, and I worked so hard that I eventually moved up to a manager and then, later on, ended up leaving the company I was at to start my own thing! I truly know I have found my purpose in life again and I am so grateful to dedicate my life to serving and helping people GROW!!

Motivation & Passion

I know how it feels to look in the mirror and not like who you are, not like where you are, and not like where you are going. I also know how it feels to feel like you don't have the power to change anything and to be stuck in a bad spot in life. As hopeless as this feels I promise you that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE! With the right coach and daily program, I can guarantee you that you WILL mold yourself into the person you have always wanted to be and needed to be.

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