When starting off your strength or weight loss workout was exciting and you were full of energy. Even though you dreaded it, you always felt great right after. But then, as time went on, you felt to sleep in and tried to find other things to do. So, is this how you felt or feel? Do you think your workout isn’t working anymore? Well here are four signs that it is not working for you anymore, followed by ways to change your workout from boring to exciting and challenging once again.

  • Your workout bores you. Sticking to a same reutine becomes boring and repetitive. Switching things up every other day will keep it new and exciting. If you walk on a treadmill in your house but dread it, do it outside to change up the view or walk with your friends. It’ll keep the gossip flowing and keep you looking forward to another day.
  • Your workout isn’t giving you results anymore. Doing the same activity all the time is likely to plateau much sooner than someone who caries her workouts. Your body adapts to what you are doing, so change it up and add variety by playing a sport, or changing up the cardio routine.
  • Your workout leaves you more tired and sore than before. Exercise is suppose to give you energy, not leave you wanting to sleep all day. If this is happening, that means you are over training and need to take a break because if you are feeling like this, then your body isn’t even taking in all the work you are doing because it doesn’t have enough energy to. Taking a day off won’t kill you and actually will give your body time to recover and re-energize.
  • Your workout is no longer challenging. If you are doing the same thing as you did when you first started, the same speed and distance, then you are not improving or challenging yourself. You built up that endurance so now you need to up the level so you can keep raising your endurance and making you stronger.