Over the course of the last ten years, I have slowly been introduced to what I can only call “modern day anatomy” for women. It’s sad, yet comical, that I know exactly what part of the body women are talking about when I hear the following terms:

  1. Cankles
  2. Knee fat
  3. Saddlebags
  4. Pooch
  5. Shelf
  6. Muffin top
  7. Love handles
  8. Back fat
  9. Grandma arms
  10. Turkey gobbler

What’s the best way to minimize or eliminate any of the aforementioned terms? Apply the concepts of SYNERGY:

1. Eat Supportively: This simply means to always mix a protein with a carb to minimize blood sugar spikes and stabilize your body’s blood sugar levels, thus allowing your body to release fat all day long.

2. Perform moderate amounts of aerobic activity: 30-60 minutes of your favorite cardio activity 3 days a week will do the trick.

3. Start challenging the muscles in your body by asking them to do “a little bit more than what they’re used to doing.” All this means is that you need to do some sort of resistance training at intensities that are ‘challenging, but do-able.’

Put those three concepts to work simultaneously and you will achieve incredible results!